Some of our Club Activities

We are happy to report that the GPWC Progressive Dinner in February 2018 was a huge success! We had a very nice turnout, there was no major snowstorm (!!!) and everyone had a really great time. We saw many people new to the lake as well as several first-timers to this event.

This is one of our Club’s major fundraisers and we were able to raise $1,887 at this event alone!!!

We all enjoyed a delicious beef tenderloin dinner with sides of chopped salad, Italian bread and butter, horseradish sauce, roasted potatoes and green beans. YUM!

Other Club Activities:

Family Bingo Nights: Several Friday evenings during the summer months in the Community House Bingo Games bring together children, parents and grandparents alike for some fun.

Children’s Parties: Green Pond children enjoy our Children’s Halloween Party, Breakfast with Santa and a record-breaking Easter Egg Hunt consisting of over 1,000 eggs.

Christmas Activities: We are busy at Christmas with all sorts of activities – donating groceries (especially cereal) to several food banks, awarding special ornaments to the three winners of the Annual House Decorating Contest, enjoying the raffle of the Garden Club evergreen baskets and exchanging Christmas cookies.

Sunshine & Outreach Committees: Throughout the year, our Sunshine Chairperson, and various members of our community, look for opportunities to reach out and help our fellow Green Ponders.

Give-a-Lift Program: Volunteers provide rides to any Green Ponder in need of transportation for medical/rehabilitation purposes.

Knitting Group: A group of Green Pond women who enjoy knitting get together and make children’s sweaters for World Vision, a Christian organization who sends these sweaters to wherever they are needed around the world.

Club Newsletter: Lakeviews & News is published throughout the year as a means of keeping Club members apprised of both Club and community events in Green Pond. And when there is “breaking” news, we will send updates via email.

Garden Club: Our Garden Club beautified various areas around Green Pond with their annual planting and maintenance of flowers.