Scholarships, Donations

We want to thank Club Members for their generosity in supporting our Club’s fundraisers and for their donations when making the dues payment. This is what has made these donations possible.

Green Pond Charities Fund

Our Club was able to make many charitable donations during the year, thanks to the generosity of our members and your support of our fundraing efforts, most recently the sale of our "Green Pond - A Special Place" booklets as well as the dinner and cocktail napkins. Our 2018 spring charible contribution of $1300 went to these organizations:

  • CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
  • CUMAC Food Pantry, Paterson
  • Lennon's House
  • My Brother's Place
  • Passaic Neighborhood Center for Women
  • Rockaway Food Bank
  • Roots & Wings

Christmas Greetings Project

This year's proceeds of $1,170 were equally divided between the Green Pond First Aid Squad and the Green Pond Volunteer Fire Department. Thanks to all - and a special thanks to Lorraine Holzhauer for collecting these gifts!

Burney L. Harris Scholarships

At our 2018 May 15th General Meeting, we will award $6500 in college scholarships to Green Pond high school graduating students. -- Jeanne Maupai, Scholarship Chairperson

NEW! Dedicated Scholarships

Some members of our Club have expressed an interest in donating funds in honor of a family member or in memory of a loved one who has passed. We have developed a program so that members may give a donation that will be offered as a scholarship award and dedicated to a specific person.

These Dedicated Scholarships would be one-time awards with a $500 minimum.

The same guidelines in effect for the Burney L. Harris Scholarship will be used for these Dedicated Scholarships. Scholarship awards are based on academic excellence, along with school and community involvement. Applicants must be high school seniors who reside in Green Pond year round. The applicants must also enroll in a course of study for two or more years after graduation. In the absence of an acceptable candidate in this category, the money will be carried over to the following year. The Scholarship Committee will review all applications and the final decision will be made solely at its discretion.

We feel this new Dedicated Scholarship program will open up a charitable opportunity to some of our members and their families while bringing support to the young people in our community.

Please contact Scholarship Chairperson Jeanne Maupai or Marilyn Horton if you have any questions or would like to set up a Dedicated Scholarship Award. You may also CLICK HERE to send a message.